Meal Preparation

I provide weekly meal preparation services, which simplifies your life and gives you your valuable time back. 


Here’s how it goes:



  • You decide on your dietary theme (i.e. vegetarian, gluten free, meaty, comfort food, ethnic–the sky is the limit!)


  • Pay a one time $25 fee for your own quality snap-ware set, which will store your food; the set can be sanitized and reused each week (you get to keep the set!)


  • I will prepare a weekly menu, catered specifically to your individual tastes. You can decide whether you want breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks or any combination of these.


  • Once the menu is agreed upon, I will go shopping for fresh ingredients; I will use farm fresh ingredients whenever possible. I will keep a receipt for groceries. Upon delivery of your meals, I ask to be reimbursed for groceries. 


  • The meals can be delivered or picked up (delivery fee is dependent upon travel time).


  • I charge $20 an hour for meal preparation; pay upon receipt with cash or check.


For further information, please contact me at or (602) 757-8230.